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The X-Y-Z of Security

"Depending on the level of threat, security is classified into four main levels. X,Y,Z and Z+ category. While Z+ is the highest security level, additional SPG coverage is provided to the most important people in the country, including current and former Prime Ministers."

"The X category of security entails the most basic protection and has a security cover of two personnel with one Personal Security Officer(PSO) The Y category entails 11 personnel standing guard and also included two PSOs. The Z category really sets things a notch up with the security going up to 22 personnel and one escort car. The Z+ category is considered only second to SPG cover and involves 36 personnel for security along with advanced weaponry, and the latest gadgets and gizmos "

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The primary objective of owning your own business is to maximize your profits. Retail security systems can help you keep your profits from walking out the door unnoticed. According to the Nation Retail Security Survey, small businesses often experience higher annual shrinkage than larger companies. In part because smaller businesses are not equipped with retail security systems. However, there is plenty you can do to reduce and/or prevent retail loss.


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